[sebhc] Two SS SD 5-1/4 inch floppy drives available.

Bob And Bettina Groh rgroh at swbell.net
Mon Sep 5 11:28:23 CDT 2005

More cleaning up downstairs. I have four of the original 5-1/4 inch 
drives (full size, SS, SD) used in my H-89s and have decided 
(reluctantly) that I really only need to keep 2 of them (so I can 
populate my H-77 if the desire ever strikes me further down the road).

That means I should (my wife says the operative word is '...MUST!!...') 
get rid of two of them.  I believe all were operational the last time I 
used them (back in 1986 according to a label on the drives where I wrote 
the date and put 'tested ok'  on the label) but goodness knows if they 
are still ok. All of them look great - I picked two of them to offer to 
the group:

Drive #1: Tandon TM100-1A
Drive #2: Siemens FDD 100-5

The Siemens has the full sized door to access the floppy; the Tandon has 
a latch. I can take pictures if you want to see them.

The shipping weight will be 10 pounds and add $3 for a box and bubble 
wrap et al.

I'm thinking $15 for both of the drives plus S & H.

Anyone interested?  If not, it is no big deal to keep them as they 
certainly aren't that big! OK, so I am ambivalent about getting rid of them!

Bob Groh
Blue Springs, MO. 64014

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