[sebhc] Z-100 upgrade modules (ZMAX memory upgrade and ZCLK clock) available

Bob And Bettina Groh rgroh at swbell.net
Thu Apr 13 20:18:53 CDT 2006

Doing some more cleanup in the attic and found two 'kits' for upgrading 
Z-100s (description below). If anyone is interested, contact me directly 
and make an offer. If no offers, I'll stick them away and find them in 
the next decade (probably when my wife is cleaning up my estate!).

The first item is the ZCLK from FBE Research. It is a real-time clock 
module - you remove U114, plug the module in where U114 was and then 
plug U114 into a socket on the module. I just have the module and a 
5-1/4" disk which apparently has drivers on it. No written instructions.

The 2nd item is a ZMAX - Z100 motherboard memory maximizer kit by Rick 
Pegg and produced and marketed by Graymatter Applications Software. 
Works only with later module Z-100 motherboards, does include written 
instructions for the modifications, the 6 specialized chips required and 
27 (3 banks x 9 ICs per bank) 256K bit D-RAMS. Gives you a wacking 768K 
bytes of memory!  You can also use the 32K RAM chips you remove to 
upgrade the video system (instructions included).

There you go.

Bob Groh

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