[sebhc] Focal for Hdos / Patrick Swayne

Pat Swayne me at patswayne.com
Thu Apr 20 19:58:05 CDT 2006

Patrick Swayne is still out there. But I don't know if I still have 
the source to Focal. I have some old heath disks somewhere, and if I 
find that one, I'll let you know.
-- Pat Swayne

At 06:46 PM 4/20/2006, you wrote:
>New to the group. Would appreciate any help.
>  I would like to get a clean copy of the source code to Focal by 
> Patrick Swayne. The disk number is 885-1059A
>The copy on Sebhc files has several bad sector reads with scrambled 
>text half way into the file.
>Does anyone know if there were any updates to this program or if 
>Patrick is still out there to discuss.
>Thanks for your help
>Ken Harty
><mailto:k.harty at sbcglobal.net>k.harty at sbcglobal.net

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