[sebhc] Re: Cassette software tapes for H-8

Carroll Waddell carrollwaddell at sc.rr.com
Tue Aug 1 18:23:17 CDT 2006

Carroll Waddell wrote:

> WVerish at aol.com wrote:
>> Dear Carroll:
>>                  Thank you very much for your offer to make copies of 
>> all the cassette software you have for the H-8! This is a very 
>> generous offer indeed! Please let me know what it will cost, postage 
>> etc., and I will send it to you. I only have 8K of memory now, but 
>> hope to upgrade as soon as I can find the chips.
>> Thanking you in advance,
>> Wayne Verish
>> 8211 Bertha Ave.
>> Parma, Ohio 44129
>> (440) 885-0803
> Wayne,
> No charge. Glad to help out a fellow H8'er
> I'll get them in the mail, but it will probably be next week.
> Carroll
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Ooops!  It's going to take a little longer than I thought. I copied 2 of 
the tapes I have, and my H8-5 cassette board died. I'll go ahead and 
send the 2 tapes I made, and send the others when I get the board 
working again.
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