[sebhc] SY1: not working

Carroll Waddell carrollwaddell at sc.rr.com
Wed Aug 9 07:34:16 CDT 2006

Glenn Roberts wrote:

> i have a two-drive H8/H17 setup and the second drive (SY1:) has a 
> problem.  when i run TEST17 I can get rotational speed but the disk 
> fails anything that requires read/write (it acts as if there is an 
> unformatted disk in the drive). I swapped the jumper blocks with SY0: 
> and the problem continues to exist, which tells me it's the drive, not 
> the controller.  The drive is the Siemens "garage door" type (FDD 
> 100-5B). I have the OEM manual that came with it but it's mostly on 
> installation - not really any diagnostic information. Is there a scan 
> of the service manual available somewhere?
> anyone have suggestions on how to debug this?  yeah I know I could try 
> and buy an old PC drive on eBay but i'd prefer to try and get this 
> drive working if possible (after all, I paid something like $400 bucks 
> for this 25 years ago!).  I don't think it's a dirty head (cleaned it 
> not too long ago) but I'll check again.
> thoughts welcome!
> - Glenn

If I understand, the drive fails whether it's jumpered as SY0 or SY1. If 
that's the case, the H8-17 drive controller book has some good 
diagnostic checks and the waveforms for reading and writing. I don't 
have a service manual for the drive, but I do have the circuit board 
schematics. If you want, I can send them to you.

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