[sebhc] PCWorld article mention of the H-89.

Erik Klein lifo at pacbell.net
Sat Aug 12 18:20:08 CDT 2006

I'm not particularly impressed with the list myself.

I like the Apple ][, but it's not even the number one greatest PC that Apple
ever created, more or less the number one of all time.

Some machines on their list don't belong on a top 100 list.

Such are the nature of opinions, I guess.

At least he didn't misquote me. :)

   Erik Klein
   The Vintage Computer Forum

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With the IBM PC's 25th birthday, PC World has a couple of articles
about historical PCs. The H89 didn't make their first one: "the 25
greatest PCs of All Time" But did make the runner-up article "the 25
near-greatest PCs of All Time".

The H-89 was the only Heath computer I saw mentioned in either article.
Heathkit H-89 (1979): When do-it-yourselfers wanted to build gadgets
in the 1970s, they turned to Heathkit, and this $1800 computer kit
made assembling your own color TV passé. It ran either H-DOS or CP/M,
included a 90KB floppy disk drive, and was also sold in fully
assembled form as the Zenith Z-89.

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