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Carroll Waddell carrollwaddell at sc.rr.com
Sat Aug 12 19:53:04 CDT 2006

WVerish at aol.com wrote:

> Dear Carroll:
>                  I am glad you enjoyed the disk. I told my wife that 
> you must be some sort of engineer because of all the great help you 
> have been. I babysat an IBM 1440 way" back in the day" when I was 
> earning extra money for college, and it was a great experience. I was 
> lucky to get the job, even if it was only during the holidays.
>                  The tapes loaded well, and I feel better knowing I 
> can keep them as a backup if I run into problems with my copies. I 
> have been scouring the net for more memory so I can write bigger BASIC 
> programs that can handle strings. If you should come across anything 
> in your net surfing I would appreciate it if you drop me a line.
> Very best to you and your family,
> Wayne

What kind of memory are you looking for? What memory boards do you have 
now? I designed and built a 64K memory board that I am using in my H8. 
Mine is on an H8 wire wrap prototype board. I have made one board, but I 
gave it to a member of the group. If there were enough interest in the 
group, I could get some PCB's made.
Let me know what you're looking for, and I'll keep an eye out.

PS. I remember the 1440. plus the 1401, 1402, 1403, 1442, 1130, 1800, 
System 360, System 7, Series 1, RISC 6000, old iron, keypunch, and on and on

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