[sebhc] memory for the h-8

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
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The MM5257 is a compatible replacement chip.  Also, I believe that the 2147
mainframe cache chip is a direct substitute for the TMS4044 (the 2147 is a
LOT faster, down around 35 microseconds (vs. 200 to 450 for the TMS4044).


There was an S-100 memory board on E-Bay this weekend using 4044's.  That's
the best way to buy these chips, buy an entire memory board with typically
16k or 32k worth of the chips at $10 to $25 for the entire board.


Barry Watzman

Watzman at neo.rr.com




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Dear Carroll:


                 I have a 16 k static RAM memory board that came with my
H-8, but it is un-populated. The chips required for it are TMS4044 chipsThey
are 4096 by 1 bit. The computer currently has only 8K of static RAM
installed. This makes it very hard to write any real BASIC programs due to
the lack of string handling capability with only B.H. BASIC instead of
extended B.H. BASIC. I know that my 16K board could probably work with other
chips, but due to their cost I really can't afford to make a mistake. Any






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