[sebhc] memory for the h-8

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I think that the Tandy computers all used DRAM; the 4044 is a static memory






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If I remember right, the 4044 static RAM used only +5V.  (I could be wrong
-- I'm ten miles from the schematic at the moment.)  But I thought it was
only the DRAM parts that used -5V.


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Hi : my guess is the 64k chips could be made to work or even 256k ones ---
is could be an issue of supply voltages on the 16k sockets ( -5 volt) that
is not needed  and must be changes.  I converted my tandy model 1  back in
the mid 1980's to use these chips. 


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Dear Carroll:


                 I have a 16 k static RAM memory board that came with my
H-8, but it is un-populated. The chips required for it are TMS4044 chipsThey
are 4096 by 1 bit. The computer currently has only 8K of static RAM
installed. This makes it very hard to write any real BASIC programs due to
the lack of string handling capability with only B.H. BASIC instead of
extended B.H. BASIC. I know that my 16K board could probably work with other
chips, but due to their cost I really can't afford to make a mistake. Any






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