[sebhc] PAM8 in HEX

Dave Dunfield dave06a at dunfield.com
Tue Aug 22 05:52:10 CDT 2006

> Does anyone in the group have an Intel HEX format dump of the PAM8 ROM 
> (444-13)?
> Carroll

It's easy to extractt this from your H8 (or my simulator).

On my simulator (which you can get from my web site):

1. Run H8 which will present you with the main screen.

2. Mount an output tape "file"
   - Press F5, then 'O'
   - If you have no .H8T files in your directory it will go directly
     to the input prompt, otherwise press F2 to enter a filename

3. Select the starting address (000 000)
    # 040 000 / 000 000 /

4. Select the ending address:
    #  003  377

5. Write the selected region to tape:

6. Exit the simulator and you should have a new .H8T file
    containing the PAM8 image.

7. Use my H8T utility to translate this to a .HEX file:
    H8T filename.H8T filename.HEX          <- Motorola format
    H8T filename.H8T filename.HEX /I       <- Intel format

To do it from a real H8:

1. Connect the H8 serial port to your PC serial port.

2. Select serial output on the H8 interface board.

3. Use H8T to read the serial stream directly into a .HEX
    H8T COM1: myfile.hex [/I]

4. Select the region and write output on the H8 as described
    in steps 3-5 above.


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