[sebhc] H8 on ebay with interesting software. -- YES !!

bill malcolm wm65805 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 31 07:49:03 CDT 2006

I will share any Game(s) If I win the bid -- in fact you can have them.
bill ..

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> Is there anyone on the list looking to get an H8 system? There is one
> on ebay that looks quite interesting - H8/H17/H19 - he has tested it
> out AND it comes with some software that the library does not have.
> Specifically: Pascal, and "Numerous games" which he clarified to
> include:
> "The games I have are Exterminator, Munchkin, Gravitron, Y-wing II,
> Galactic Warrior, Invaders, Warrior and the classic Adventure."
> Gravitron is one of the games (along with Gravitron 2), that I have
> been dieing to get a hold of.
> Y-Wing 2 would be nice since I have (a working copy of) the first one.
> Some of the other names look familiar, although I already have a
> 'working' copy of Munchkin, and the original disks for Adventure.
> The thing is, I have no interested in getting any of the H8 (H17/H19)
> hardware (keeping a H89 up and working is enough for me).  And the
> shipping quote was really high (>$150 since he would just take it to a
> 'mailbox etc'-type place). But if some was close enough to Waterford,
> MI (looks like it's just NW of Detriot), the shipping fee could be
> save by picking it up (you would still need to be confirmed that with
> the seller, but based on his choice of using 'mailboxes etc' it seems
> he would be open to letting someone come and pick it up).
> If anyone is interested in the auction, let me know, I'd be willing to
> pony-up some money for the software (more if I get to keep the actual
> disks but still some for just getting the software into the library).
> With 4 days still left in the auction, I know I won't be able to
> justify spending all that money (especially for shipping equipment I
> don't want) to just get a few programs, but I'm willing to help, in
> order to get the software into the library.
> Here is the ebay auction, let me know if you're planning to bid on it,
> and we can work out the details. Adding the extra money that I'm
> willing to spend to your bid, should help your chances on winning the
> auction.
> Thanks,
>    Mark
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