[sebhc] Awfully quiet out there.

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>Hi to all members of the sebhc-list!
>The FDC is really hard to find and of course expensive too, but i managed
>to get two of them. Perhaps i get the controller working with changing the
>FDC (WD1797).
>Have some nice days!
>A. Harten
>Hi all, you may want to try unicornelectronics.com.  They specialize in
>vintage electronics, and the disk controller 40 pin chip: 1797, single /
>double density with side select, is only $1.89!  No guarantee that they are
>in-stock, but give them a call, the number is on the web-site, or email at
>sales at unicornelectronics.com.
>Just Bob!
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I've been tied up remodeling a house. I have a second H8 and 2 H89's 
that I going to get working and put on EBAY. My original H8 works fine. 
64K memory, 3-H17 drives, cassette, and H19.
I've been working on an H19 emulation program for the PC to connect to 
an H8. Works for the most part, but still a couple of bugs. When I 
finish it, I'll post it to the SEBHC site.
Lots of things I'd like to do with the H8, just been too busy.
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