[sebhc] Out of the museum and into the lab.

West, Ronald S. RONALD.S.WEST at saic.com
Thu Feb 16 09:45:38 CST 2006

Last week the guys in our lab were trying to rebuild a (rather expensive)
Sun server. They needed to get into the console program which requires a
terminal connected to the serial port in order to do this. Normally we would
have hooked a laptop up and used the terminal program for that. Problem is
the computer is classified and we can't hook any of our (unclass) laptops up
to it. Solution: I suggested I bring in my H19 "dumb" terminal, which has no
storage like a laptop. That passed muster and I brought it in the next day.
Hooked the thing up, it worked instantly and impressed the h--l out of
everyone (God, I love it). The engineer doing the work asked me to leave it
there for a week to be sure he didn't need it later. 

I was taking the H19 out of the office yesterday to go back to its
comfortable home in the storage room at my house. Entered the reception area
of my office and a couple of the techno-types standing about said "Wow! What
is that?" and I proceeded to give them the tour (head getting bigger all the
time). Got in the elevator and a couple of the [young] techno-types from one
of the other companies in the building greeted me with "Wow! What is that?"
and, during the explanation, tried out the keyboard saying "cool!". 

Thought you folks might enjoy that story.


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