[sebhc] H8 software & document archives

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 4 13:40:35 CST 2006

David (W) wrote:,

>... I don't have as easy access to the PAMGO code as I did to the Z80 

Now you do .. from the SEBHC archives!

  http://www.sebhc.org/archive/software/ROMs/ (ID=heathkit, PW=hdos8bit)

But .. remember that PAM8GO isn't quite "pristine" (PAM-8 was the standard 
H-8 ROM).  There's also PAM8AT for instant-on boot.  I use that one with 
Dave D.'s emulator to quick-start HDOS.

-- Steven (/AIWZ/  :-) )

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