[sebhc] ET-3400 interest?

William Wilkinson billwilkinson at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 5 20:48:53 CST 2006

Now that you mention it, I'd like to see a discussion on it--and possibly
contribute to.  It is, after all, an 8-bit machine; which would seem to fit
in with this group.

My ET-3400 has been gathering dust for years.  It would be interesting to
get it going again and see what I could make it do with its fully-loaded
512 bytes of RAM.


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> From: Timothy Weber <tw at timothyweber.org>
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> Date: 1/5/2006 8:16:08 PM
> Subject: [sebhc] ET-3400 interest?
> Hi, folks!  It's been interesting and enlightening reading all about the
> H-11 etc.
> I joined this list a few weeks ago after buying an ET-3400 Microcomputer
> Training System on eBay.  I borrowed one from about 1979 (when I was in
> fourth grade) through 1982, and it was my first real programming
> experience.  I decided to get one again in a fit of nostalgia.
> I figure making it do something practical is probably pointless, but I
> do want to get some kind of demo program running on it, just to show it
> off.  But of course, one of the big limitations of the thing was that it
> had no persistent storage, unless you got the ETA-3400 expansion unit
> and hooked it up to a cassette player, in which case you got only
> slightly persistent storage.  ;)
> So, my fun project is to add some EEPROM to it, just so I can load and
> run some demos.  It seems pretty simple; I'm just waiting to add the
> EEPROM into a big parts order in a couple weeks.
> My question is: Is there any interest in the ET-3400 on this list?  If
> so, great.  I just don't want to bore the folks who are into its
> obviously superior big brother.  :)
> Cheers.
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> Timothy J. Weber
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