[sebhc] H89 Power-up problems.

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 02:26:07 CDT 2006

Does anyone know what the power up beeps mean? One of my H89's beeps
twice on power-up (on-line) and once if off-line key is depressed.
This H89 works fine. Another one I recently received, only beeps once
on power-up (on-line) and zero (off-line). It was initially working
fine, but now the keyboard no longer works (except for the
'shift-reset' combo), all other keys don't even keyclick (they had
initially). It doesn't matter with if it's on-line or off-line, no
keys work except for the 'shift-reset'.

Between the time it was working and now, during a few power-ups the
screen the screen went a little crazy, for example, the "H:" was
shaking and showing up in two places, another time various characters
showed up on the screen. I'm wondering if a CAP or other component
failed. I've looked through the operation/service manual, that  have,
but it provided no trouble-shooting except for the power supply or
video.  First, I was thinking the cable to the keyboard may have been
loose, but since the reset works, I doubt that is the issue. Without
the keyboard, the only diag I could get to is the memory test (by
setting switch SW501). That test runs without any errors.

If anyone has any ideas why the keyboard would suddenly stop working
or what areas I can look at, let me know, otherwise it looks like it
may become my spare-parts machine.

BTW: The memory is installed strangely in the system. The top row of
memory ICs have a second memory chip soldiered on top of each one,
along with a wire that connects them all to one of the lines on the
slot that you would normally install the extra memory card to bump it
up to 64k. This must have been a cheaper way to get to 64k than adding
the board.
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