[sebhc] H89 Power-up problems.

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 9 12:07:33 CDT 2006

Barry Watzman wrote:
> No, it's not caused by that. The holes are just fine and will do
> no better than the screws in terms of voltage.

I agree that AC is not your problem, but...

Push-in wire clamps in $0.39 receptacles are junk. The screws really do
provide a better connection, and better receptacles really do work
better. You can measure the resistance and/or voltage drops to prove it
for yourself if you like.

I have a home built about 10 years ago, all built according to code with
this junk. Each individual connection isn't all that bad. I measured a
0.1v drop at 10 amps, for example. But, there are two of these
connections in series at each out (black and white wires). And, they
tend to daisy-chain the AC from receptacle to receptacle. I had a nice
120vac at the circuit breaker panel, but 110vac in my office, with
severe voltage sag and bounce as things turned on/off. It turned out
there were dozens of these push-in connections in series by the time it
got to my office!

I took most of them apart and moved the wires from the push-ins to the
screws. The problems went away.
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