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Just out of curiosity, what is Tau?


And given that there is going to be an apparently dramatic speed increase of
CPUs in July (when Intel releases "Conroe" on July 23rd), is there a more
fundamental problem with the current design?




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bingo. that got it working on my old Pentium III (Tau of 4).  I may have to
rebuild the code with higher Tau to get it to work on my Pentium D (2.8 Ghz)
system - even 5 doesn't work...



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On the menu, select Configure>H8 Options.  The dialog pop-up allows you to
set "value of tau".  Start with 5:1 and see if the PAM8 code behaves better.
If it does, try lower ratios until it breaks again and then go up one step.
(I'm currently using 3:1 on my XP Pro platform -- 2:1 worked fine on a
slower CPU running NT, so Microsoft "improved" things.)



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I'm trying to get Dave Wallace's virtual H8 to work on my Windows (Media
Center) computer. I'm using version 1.4. I've downloaded it to C:\H8 and
have the necessary files and directories in place as described in the
readme.  i've replaced the dummy .ROM files with the ones off the sebhc web
site. the emulator runs but it comes up showing "CPU Suspended", which I
presume means it hit a HLT instruction (??).  the buttons seem to react to
key clicks so the GUI is working, but nothing is displayed on the LED's or
the H19 screen. RESET doesn't solve the problem.


anyone have any "lessons learned" in bringing this up? Are the .ROM files on
the SEBHC web site known to work with it?  If not my next step will be to
build my own ROM files by digging out the H8


- Glenn Roberts


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