[sebhc] Heathkit computers for sale in NYC

Jim Tittsler jwt at OnJapan.net
Sat Jul 15 19:15:08 CDT 2006

 From the Elecraft amateur radio mailing list:

> H8 computers (two, one 8080 other Z80)
> H9 terminal
> H19 terminal
> H89 computer
> H17 dual drive
> H17 triple drive
> IBM Selectric Printer for H8 Parallel card
> Hard sectored floppies with / without CP/M and HDOS software
> HUG user group magazines
> Software manuals, assembly manuals and Continuing Education course  
> for Basic.
> Please contact me off-list.   I can deliver within a 100 mile  
> radius of NYC.
> Tom K2TA

You can find his email address from http://www.qrz.com/callsign/k2ta  
if you are interested.


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