[sebhc] HDOS boot/space bar question.

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 12:07:05 CDT 2006

Hi Barry,

I'm not talking about the "H: Boot", but after that step. With a CP/M
disk, after "H: Boot", the H89 boots all the way to a command prompt.
For HDOS, I just verified three different behavior with three
different HDOS 2.0 disks (On the same H89 without changing any
dipswitches). For the first one, the light comes on, then goes off. (I
initially thought the disk was bad.) After a few space bar presses,
the prompt: ACTION? <BOOT> comes up. Options are either BOOT, CHECK,
or HELP. Pressing 'B' continues the boot until the date prompt. Enter
the date, and the next prompt is the command prompt. The second disk
does not require the spaces, but immediately gets to the "ACTION?
<BOOT>" prompt. Then it continues as the first disk did. On my third
disk, I do the "H: Boot", it SKIPS the "ACTION? <BOOT>" step and
immediately displays the HDOS banner and the first prompt is the date,
followed by the command prompt.


On 7/22/06, Barry Watzman <Watzman at neo.rr.com> wrote:
> The space bar was to detect the baud rate.
> I think that there was as dip switch setting for autoboot on or off.  The
> boot prompt was coming from the ROM, not from HDOS, and there are different
> ROMs.
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> Does anyone know what makes HDOS decide if it needs the user to press
> space bars before booting? I heard that it was to detect the baud rate
> between the computer and terminal, but only some of my disks require
> that, even though they are all ver. 2.0. I was thinking that a bunch
> of my disk were bad since they weren't booting, until I remembered
> about the 'space bar' thing.  Also, if I remember correctly, there is
> a way to make HDOS just boot, instead of presenting the <BOOT>
> question. How can you change it?  My final question is about HDOS
> capitalizing everything. A few of my disks decide that everying must
> be capitalized, how do I change that?
> Thanks,
>    Mark
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