[sebhc] Re: HDOS boot/space bar question.

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 22 13:42:50 CDT 2006

Hi Mark,

>The second disk
>does not require the spaces, but immediately gets to the "ACTION?

I'm a bit fuzzy on this one.    I do recall that prior to HDOS 2.0 it was a 
popular patch to apply to the boot sector of the disk, perhaps it was also 
done by patch to HDOS 2.0.  If it's done by patch, then if you use the disk 
that has the behavior as the source to sysgen others, they will also have 
this behavior.

>On my third it SKIPS the "ACTION? <BOOT>" step and

If you wait a while, a timer expires and the default action (boot) is 
initiated.  Setting the timer to 0 causes it to boot immediately.  But at 
the moment, I don't recall if this was done with a patch or a setting.

>immediately displays the HDOS banner and the first prompt is the date, 
>followed by the command prompt.

"set hdos nodate" to skip the date setting on boot.  It can be set later by 

>>A few of my disks decide that everying must
>>be capitalized, how do I change that?

"set tt: nomlo" and "set tt: nomli" (no mapping lowercase on input/output).  
Try "set tt: help" as there may be some other options you might like to 
have.  "set tt: bks" and "set tt: bkm" for example.

-- Steven

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