[sebhc] Dwights BIN Loader

Dan Johansson d.a.johansson at telia.com
Tue Jul 25 17:36:49 CDT 2006

Version 9 works OK for me on a H89.
It fail to read the Boot Image Disk itself but ordinary HDOS formatted disks
works fine
I transfer the images from the H89 to the harddisk on a Toshiba laptop.

A patch to use port D0H instead of E0H on the H88-3 serial board
and some comments re. use of IRQ settings and different cable types is
added in the upload area. See file H89LDR9_Patch_DJnotes.zip


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Is there a later version than 9 of Dwight Elveys image transfer program.

I can READ a diskette image with version 8, but not with version 9.

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