[sebhc] Re: H17-3 Power supply

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 16:16:33 CDT 2006

  Maybe my message was a little confusing. The seller 'told' me that
the fuse had blown, but I tested the fuse and it was fine. But, there
was no power supply diodes, instead two wires, connected the circuit.
All the voltage and amp specifications were for possible diodes to
install on the power supply circuit board.

On 7/29/06, Carroll Waddell <carrollwaddell at sc.rr.com> wrote:
> Mark Garlanger wrote:
> > I just received an H17-3 drive case and drives. I was told that
> > "The H17-3 triple drive blew a fuse when I turned it on"
> >
> > I tested the fuse, and unless he replaced it, the fuse is fine.
> > What's preventing me from testing/turning on the case, is that
> > there is NO diode bridge on the power supply board. There is
> > the spot to put 4 diodes, but two of them are empty and the
> > other two (very top and bottom) just have a wire there. I betting
> > that it's putting an huge extra burden on the voltage regulators.
> >
> > The board is slightly older board than I have in my other two
> > drive cases, (85-2107-2 vs. 85-2107-3), but I can't imagine that
> > a diode bridge would isn't be needed. According to my Z37
> > manual, those should be 3A, 100V diodes. The closest thing
> > I found out the local Fry's are 5A, 100V - I'm assuming that the
> > higher amps just mean they can handle more and can be
> > used in place of the 3A ones. Let me know if that is the wrong
> > assumption. Also, Fry's had a square little 'diode bridge', internally
> > it's all 4 diodes properly connected. It's rated 8A, 100V - I don't
> > remember enough of my EE to be sure if that would be proper
> > to replace it. Looking at the circuit, I'm thinking that the current is
> > only going through one diode at at time, therefore a diode
> > bridge that was rated at 3A, 100V would be an equivalent
> > replacement, so this 8A one should also be fine. Let me know if
> > I'm mistaken here too.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >  Mark
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> Mark,
> I had a 2 drive system first, then went to a 3 drive system. If I
> remember, the power supply was just moved from 1 metal box to the other.
> The power supply should be the same one on your 2 drive box.
> Be careful about the fuse. It is there to protect something else. If you
> go with too large a fuse, you might burn up the something else rather
> than the fuse.
> If you want, I have a large supply of fuses of all kinds, and I will see
> if I can find you one.
> Carroll
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