[sebhc] Re: Cassette software tapes for H-8

Dave Dunfield dave06a at dunfield.com
Mon Jul 31 15:46:45 CDT 2006

> Does anyone know where I might get any of the tapes that were included with  
> the H-8 computer? Also I am looking for memory chips (or a source) so I can  
> populate my 16K memory board for the H-8.

I have the binary images of the tapes included with my H8 simulator, available
at my web site below.

You can load the tape images directly into the simulator, or into a real-H8 over
the serial port using my H8T program (included).

If you really want honest-to-goodness cassette tapes, then you can do the

- Connect PC to H8 via serial port, select "serial" on the H8 switch, load from
  the monitor, and send the data with H8T to load it into the H8.
- Switch to "cassette" and use the H8 monitor to write out the loaded image to
  cassette tape.


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