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They didn't exist.  And, actually, most of the SA-400's (as far as I know
the only 35-track drives) would do 40 tracks .... just send it more stepping
pulses after the 35th track (the stepping mechanism, a wheel with a spiral
groove in it, didn't end that abruptly).  But alignment for 35 and 40 tracks
drives was the same.  Track 0 was in the same place, the track-to-track
spacing was the same, there were just 5 more tracks on the center(inside) of
the media.

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dwight elvey wrote:
> The H8/89 normally only uses 35 tracks, even with a
> 40 track drive, for hard sectored.

No, you are mistaken. All Heath 5.25" drives were 40-track. So it is
possible that those Tandons were 35 track; but I doubt it. I've never
seen a Tandon 35-track drive, but it's possible that they may exist.
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