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Carroll Waddell carrollwaddell at sc.rr.com
Sat Jun 17 20:32:36 CDT 2006

Barry Watzman wrote:

>Diskettes created on the Siemens drives cannot be read by an IBM PC drive
>and vice versa."
>That absolutely, positively should not be the case.  Something is wrong if
>it is.
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>Carroll Waddell wrote:
>>Does anyone know about diskette head alignment?
>>I got some Tandon TM100 drives off EBAY. They are single sided and 
>>look like they should work, but diskettes written on the normal H17 
>>won't read on the Tandon. Is there some different head alignment or 
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>I've been playing with diskette drives all afternoon.  First, I'm 
>working with hard sector diskettes. The diskettes are new that Patrick 
>Rigney got for us last year.
>I have 2 of the Siemens drives that Heath sold for the H17. They work 
>fine. I also have a Shugart (some model) that also works fine. I bought 
>a TRS-80 that had 2 full height Tandon TM100-1A drives. 
>In the past, I've used drives from an IBM PC. These will work fine IF 
>YOU CREATE THE DISKETTES ON THE PC DRIVE. Diskettes created on the 
>Siemens drives cannot be read by an IBM PC drive and vice versa.
>At any rate, I've tried diskettes created in the Siemens Drives and the 
>IBM drives on the Tandon. Neither Tandon drive will read any diskette I 
>I haven't torn it open yet, but I bought a Kaypro Portable with 2 drives 
>in it, but I think these are the Tandon drives also, but not sure.
>Of course, BOTH of the Tandon drives could be bad.
>I have 1 Siemens drive that smokes when power is applied to it. The 
>motor control card is smoking. I'm going to strip it down to the bare 
>PCB and rebuild it, but that will take time.
>Basically, I'm just trying to see what kind of diskette drives we can 
>use in the H17.
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>Delivered by the SEBHC Mailing List
I was just thinking that maybe the IBM PC is writing with the wrong 
head, ie, wrong side. My H8 has the extended configuration option, which 
the Siemens drives will ignore. Maybe the PC drive is writing on the top 
side rather than the bottom side which is the normal single sided side.
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