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Yes it could be alignment ---
First  you must be sure that the drive is any good.   Connect it as drive
#2  and try and format media in it. If this fails drive could be bad -- I
have had several of these drive go bad TEAC's are much better.

If  you were able to format media in it as drive 2   - then it needs track 0
1. Easy without alignment disk.  connect drive as drive 0.  *** have the
drive external to machine to adjust.
2. find track zero adj  ( loose the screw slightly) install boot floppy --
try reboot and then
    adjust and reboot  --  repeat as need  --   you could attack a scope to
the data and determine if data is there also as an aid.

bill ..
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> Carroll Waddell wrote:
> > Does anyone know about diskette head alignment?
> > I got some Tandon TM100 drives off EBAY. They are single sided and
> > look like they should work, but diskettes written on the normal H17
> > won't read on the Tandon. Is there some different head alignment or
> > something?
> > Carroll
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> I've been playing with diskette drives all afternoon.  First, I'm
> working with hard sector diskettes. The diskettes are new that Patrick
> Rigney got for us last year.
> I have 2 of the Siemens drives that Heath sold for the H17. They work
> fine. I also have a Shugart (some model) that also works fine. I bought
> a TRS-80 that had 2 full height Tandon TM100-1A drives.
> In the past, I've used drives from an IBM PC. These will work fine IF
> YOU CREATE THE DISKETTES ON THE PC DRIVE. Diskettes created on the
> Siemens drives cannot be read by an IBM PC drive and vice versa.
> At any rate, I've tried diskettes created in the Siemens Drives and the
> IBM drives on the Tandon. Neither Tandon drive will read any diskette I
> have.
> I haven't torn it open yet, but I bought a Kaypro Portable with 2 drives
> in it, but I think these are the Tandon drives also, but not sure.
> Of course, BOTH of the Tandon drives could be bad.
> I have 1 Siemens drive that smokes when power is applied to it. The
> motor control card is smoking. I'm going to strip it down to the bare
> PCB and rebuild it, but that will take time.
> Basically, I'm just trying to see what kind of diskette drives we can
> use in the H17.
> Carroll
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