[sebhc] Re-creating actual floppies from archive

Dwight Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Mon Mar 13 13:40:40 CST 2006

 Yes Dave, it is your tool I'm talking about ;)

>From: dave04a at dunfield.com
>>  So far, we haven't been dealing with softsectored.
>> Maybe it is time we collected some. There must be a few on the
>> list with soft sectored disk and drives.
>>  There are a number of image formats out there for capturing
>> soft sectored disk( things like teldisk ). I am recommending
>> that we go with a format that the image format it self is
>> in public domain. There is a fellow in one of the mail groups
>> I'm in that has a good tool for capturing disk images
>> and writing images on PC's. Even if his tool goes away,
>> writing the part to copy the images to and from disk
>> on a PC are not that hard. The spec could be posted on
>> our page as well, along with the images. That would go a
>> long way towards maintaining a useful archive.
>>  What are thought of others??
>I would suggest that if the disks are compatible, that they
>be archived using my ImageDisk program (available from my
>site). ImageDisk was designed with the idea that the data
>should be recoverable by "any means", and therefore the
>Image file format is fully documented, and I provide utilities
>to extract and convert all or parts of image files to and from
>other image files or raw binary sector data.
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