[sebhc] Re: large schematics

Pat Swayne me at patswayne.com
Tue Mar 14 16:04:22 CST 2006

Steven wrote:

>I notice from the FAQ that the free demo version doesn't do planar 
>projections.  You can see the effect of the spherical projection 
>when you run the demo (which is most impressive) on the supplied 
>images of a mountain.  It's not clear how the computations determine 
>what the distance to the subject is.  If it thought the schematic 
>parts were small distant objects it would probably paste them with 
>unnoticeable distortion.

A good photo editing program can "correct" the spherical 
"distortion". There was a slight distortion on the stitched LP cover, 
which I corrected that way.

>By the way, Pat, I learned how to stitch images working on LP covers.  :-)

I used to stitch LP covers by hand, with an early version of Paint 
Shop Pro. AutoStitch is so much easier.
-- Pat

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