[sebhc] Re-creating actual floppies from archive

Joe Smith bandit1921 at cox.net
Thu Mar 16 00:40:17 CST 2006

I have found that in that case it usually means the drive is going 
bad. I have yet to have a problem making disks.Sometimes will find 
bad disks, or even a drive alignment problem,but these days since the 
drives are cheap,just throw it out and get a new one.

At 12:24 AM 3/16/2006 -0600, you wrote:
> > By the same token there should be no reason to not just use a
> > 1.44 [megabyte] disk.
>I've found that 1.4meg disks and drives have terrible reliability. I
>have scads of ancient 8" and 5.25" hard-sector disks and drives. They
>work well, considering their age. But all of my 1.44meg disks and drives
>are troublesome.
>For example, I downloaded a copy of "Damn Small Linux" (yes, that's
>their official name). It works great, but I wanted to install it on an
>older PC that can't boot from a CDROM. Ok; there is a proceedure for
>making a "boot floppy". But it requires a perfect 1.44meg disk, no bad
>sectors, no read retries at all. I'll be damned if I can find a single
>1.44meg floppy and drive that can do it! Out of 3 drives and several
>dozen disks, every single one has at least one bad sector. I'll write
>the Linux boot image, and it gets to 80%, 90%, even 99% once, and then
>BANG "bad sector... aborted".
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