[sebhc] Re-creating actual floppies from archive

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 16 15:00:32 CST 2006

Paul A. Pennington wrote:
>> There's a lot of junk out there in 3.5" diskette drives. Pick up a
>> TEAC brand drive and quit worrying. I sold thousands of these back
>> when I was building clones in my business and almost never had a
>> problem with them.

Dwight Elvey wrote:
> I know Teac made some of these but I don't know the model numbers.
> I have a lap top with a NEC drive and I've tried several others that
> were removed from lap tops. All have issues (different ones, or I'd
> suspect the laptop).

I have the same situation. I have seven 3.5" 1.44meg floppy drives in my
computers, and they are all sorts of brands; Sony, Mitsumi, NEC, and
others I don't recall. All of them make read/write errors, no matter
what disks I use in them (and I probably have 100 or more disks).

None of them are Teac. The only Teacs I've seen are *many* years old.
Maybe Teacs are better, but I don't have any to try. 

My impression is that floppies and floppy drives have degenerated so far
in quality that they are essentially junk that *looks* like a disk, but
don't actually work any more. They barely work when new, and certainly
can't be depended on to work as they age.
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