[sebhc] Re-creating actual floppies from archive

Lee Hart leeahart at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 16 22:46:45 CST 2006

Dwight Elvey wrote:
> I assume that after doing the B (and yes, on some machines you need
> the return. I don't think it is need on the old H89's)...

All H89 monitor ROMs (MTR-88, MTR-89, and MTR-90) require the RETURN key
after the B command. That's because you can type B, B0, B1, or B2 before
hitting RETURN to boot from the default, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd disk drive on
the first disk controller board; or BS, BS0, BS1, or BS2 to boot from
the default, first, second, or third drive on the second disk controller

In other words, you can tell it to boot from any disk drive connected to
either of two disk controller boards. Pretty handy at times!

The DIP switch determines the default disk controller if you just want
to type "B" and RETURN. Or, you can set the DIP switch for "autoboot"
and it will boot from the first drive on the first controller without
typing any command. Heath did not recommend this option, because the H89
can momentarily *WRITE* to a disk left in a drive when you turn off the
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