[sebhc] Thinking building USB for H-89 -- ?

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Fri Mar 17 17:01:17 CST 2006

How about a hard drive?  Think about it ... you can buy used 1 gigabyte
laptop hard drives for $1 to $5 (they are too small to be useful in a
laptop), and an external USB case for under $10.  We are talking about $11
to $15 for a hard drive for an H89 (or, presumably an H8 or an S-100 system,
since the host side should be easily adaptable to almost any 8080/Z-80 based

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bill malcolm wrote:
> Hi -- All - I have been thinking of building  USB for various old 8 bit
> machines.
> It is much easer than you might think.  There is available a Rom like unit
> that can be plugged into a Rom/Prom Socket. The cost is only about $25.00.
> Any interest?

What would you do with it? What sorts of USB devices would have any
meaning if connected to an H89 or H8?
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