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Mon Mar 20 12:03:48 CST 2006

I'll put in my 2 cents worth.  I have the SVD and it works great.  I haven't had any problems and it will emulate more than one floppy at a time.  I used it to get a lot of the software on the SEBHC web site running on my H8.  And I used it to backup the few floppies that I have for my H8.  It also supports a lot of other old systems that I have but I've yet to try it on any of them.  But I'll give it a good rating.

Ken Guenther
Old programmers never die...  They just GOTO

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> Ron wrote:
> Jack,
> How is that SVD? I was looking at his website the other day and was thinking
> about building one of those. From the site it looks like this unit will
> emulate more than one floppy at a time. Is that correct? 
> None of my floppy drives are worth a tinkers &(^#% now and seem to ruin any
> floppy I stick in there. The SVD might solve all my problems for me.
> Ron

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