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Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 21 00:33:20 CST 2006

Dwight asked:
>  What are "Small Bus Pkg II", "Disk VII" and "Disk IX" ?

> >    885-1054 Small Bus Pkg II - 3 Disks

This was HUG's 2nd small business package .. inventory, payroll, billing, 
sales charts, etc.  All in BASIC.

> >    885-1060 Disk VII
> >    885-1064 Disk IX

Two of HUG's "miscellaneous software" series.  Disk VII has a baud rate 
changer, command script tool, volume renamer, file dump, etc.  Executables 
and .ASM sources.

Disk IX has a damaged file recovery tool, a print formatter, morse code 
sender, HDOS clock, etc.  Also with sources.  Some written by our own David 
Wallace.  (and some revised by /AIWZ/).  :-)

-- Steven ("/AIWZ/")

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