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Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Tue Mar 21 07:32:01 CST 2006

> How is that SVD? I was looking at his website the other day 
> and was thinking about building one of those. From the site 
> it looks like this unit will emulate more than one floppy at 
> a time. Is that correct? 
> None of my floppy drives are worth a tinkers &(^#% now and 
> seem to ruin any floppy I stick in there. The SVD might solve 
> all my problems for me.
> Ron

Ron (and all) -

The SVD is a great product! In its current configuration it will emulate
two H8/H89 hard-sector floppies; I'm waiting for Eric to come out with
"Son of SVD" with more RAM and the ability to emulate more/higher
density disks. 

I used the SVD to create the original disk images in the SEBHC archives,
basically trying to treat my original H8 disks as read-once sources.
Since Eric includes a couple bootable images (both HDOS and CP/M) with
the SVD, you can build a system without a working floppy - though of
course you must have a working controller - and then work backwards with
real drives and media to test your drives.

Several other list members have used other methods to load and retrieve
images, initally resulting in a couple different though convertible
formats. Steven went through and converted everything in the archive to
a common format and I think Eric has since modified his software to
produce the same image format as everyone else. 

In addition, the SVD can also be used with several other vintage
machines to load/emulate/create images so it really is useful (if
anything vintage computing related can truly be given that


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