[sebhc] disk formats (was: archive additions)

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 21 23:17:17 CST 2006

As Dave D. pointed out, there's no trick to h8d format - it's just raw 
sector data.  When putting it on a real disk (or emulating) the header can 
be constructed from the track and sector numbers, and the volume number.  
The volume number is found on HDOS disks in the label sector, which is the 
last sector of the first track.  The headers on the first track always use a 
volume number of zero.

As far as I know, all non-HDOS hard-sector disks use the same header except 
that the volume number is always zero on every track.

>I could then supply that tool and a whole bunch of disk images that I've 
>been generating from my collection of H8 diskettes.

In addition to other functions, Eric's "fstool" converts between the 
formats.  If you want to upload disk images as is, I can convert them with 

-- Steven

P.S. Yes, Bill, that tool on HUG disk IX recovers damaged files.  :-)

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