[sebhc] HDOS source listings added to archive

Walter Moore waltm22 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 22 17:55:42 CST 2006

What resolution did you scan at?  My little HP 7300 can do double 
sided scanning, and I removed the binding from my HDOS 2.0 listings 
way back in '81.  I could try to scan it as a background job, and if 
that didn't work, maybe loan it to you for scanning?


>My company recently aquired one of those slick machines capable of 
>high-speed stack-feeding double-sided scanning.
>A week later, I ran across the box containing my HOS-1-SL set (HDOS 
>Source Lisings) during my Katrina cleanup; and they were not 
>seriously affected (other than smell).  So I cut the bindings off 
>and dropped it in.  I ran each chapter as a separate PDF file.  They 
>are all archived here:
>  http://www.sebhc.org/archive/documents/software/HDOS-1/HOS-1-SL_595-2466/
>Two downsides:  It's an original edition, so it's HDOS 1.6, not 
>2.0.  And it was printed on paper with horizons made up of tiny dots 
>between every other line, so it's probably useless to OCR unless you 
>can ignore sub-character-size marks (the dots are less than half the 
>size of an actual period).
>-- Steven
>P.S.  Anyone happen to have any navy blue VELO binding strips?  I've 
>only found black ones so far locally.
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Delivered by the SEBHC Mailing List

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