[sebhc] HDOS source listings added to archive

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Wed Mar 22 18:46:34 CST 2006

If you use Adobe Acrobat to make a PDF file, you don't need a duplex
scanner.  Acrobat can scan all the odd pages (front sides), then in a 2nd
operation all the even pages (back sides) and correctly interleave them.
You would, however, want an ADF (automatic document feeder) given the size
of the project.

In this case, however, I think Steve has already done the scanning.

Barry Watzman
Watzman at neo.rr.com

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What resolution did you scan at?  My little HP 7300 can do double 
sided scanning, and I removed the binding from my HDOS 2.0 listings 
way back in '81.  I could try to scan it as a background job, and if 
that didn't work, maybe loan it to you for scanning?


>My company recently aquired one of those slick machines capable of 
>high-speed stack-feeding double-sided scanning.
>A week later, I ran across the box containing my HOS-1-SL set (HDOS 
>Source Lisings) during my Katrina cleanup; and they were not 
>seriously affected (other than smell).  So I cut the bindings off 
>and dropped it in.  I ran each chapter as a separate PDF file.  They 
>are all archived here:
>  http://www.sebhc.org/archive/documents/software/HDOS-1/HOS-1-SL_595-2466/
>Two downsides:  It's an original edition, so it's HDOS 1.6, not 
>2.0.  And it was printed on paper with horizons made up of tiny dots 
>between every other line, so it's probably useless to OCR unless you 
>can ignore sub-character-size marks (the dots are less than half the 
>size of an actual period).
>-- Steven
>P.S.  Anyone happen to have any navy blue VELO binding strips?  I've 
>only found black ones so far locally.
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