[sebhc] David's disks (was: HDOS 1.3)

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Walt Bilofsky (Software Toolworks) has released all of _his_ work -
including PIE and his C compiler - to the public domain but in several
cases works authored by others were released by Software Toolworks and
remain under the control of the original author. Specifically, Jim
Gillogly has _not_ released his work - TEXT and some neat games. 

CP/M, including sources, is fully available on Gaby's site and I think
all the copyright issues have been resolved, at least for the 8-bit OS. 

I've seen a lot of MS 8-bit stuff available but I don't know anything
about the copyright status. Maybe things will be made more explicit now
that Paul Allen's museum is taking shape.

HDOS in all versions (i.e. including HDOS 3.0) has been released to the
public domain.

The SEBHC archives have remained a private "members only" archive
specifically to address this issue. Items added to the archive are not
made "freely available" and will always be removed if the owners of the
rights request me to do so.


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The remaining disks I indicated I had in my previous post were not
uploaded because I'm not sure of the copyright status for cp/m,
microsoft languages and Software Toolworks products.

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