[sebhc] H8D files and labels

Jim Battle frustum at pacbell.net
Mon Mar 27 23:14:57 CST 2006

Dave Dunfield wrote:
> I seem to have deleted it, but someone was just talking about keeping
> labels for H8D files...

As I was passively following this thread, I was thinking it was crazy 
that the sum total descriptive information of the disk images is 
contained in the filenames.

Metadata must be kept somehow, and making it part of the disk image 
itself makes the most sense.  In the virtual disk image formats I cooked 
up for my Sol and Wang emulators, I have a fixed block to hold format 
revision, disk format (# tracks, sides, density, etc), plus a fixed 
amount of space for a label.  I regret making the label fixed size, even 
though it is much more than anybody has ever squeezed onto a real disk 

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