[sebhc] H8D files and labels

Dave Dunfield dave06a at dunfield.com
Tue Mar 28 05:23:15 CST 2006

> A minor quibble and/or request - if all image files are a fixed size,
> it's easy to make a quick visual check of a directory and (if file sizes
> are constant) be fairly sure that they have been
> created/saved/transferred correctly. The value of incorporating
> "metadata" into the record seems to far outweigh this convenience. In
> that case, it would be nice to have a verify mode in IMD or an
> associated utility that could operate on an arbitrary list of files to
> report back on the integrity of the included images.

Hi Jack,

By "IMD" are you referring to my existing soft-sector "ImageDisk"
system?  If so, there already is a verify tool - IMDU is the
"ImageDisk Utility" which verifies, copies, merges and does a whole
bunch more with .IMD image files.

If you are referring to what we would have with my suggested
update to the .H8D format - as noted in my previous posting, the
simulator would verify the file by a simple algorithm when it
mounts it.

It would be a very simple matter to write a listing utility which
would display the .H8D files (like a DIR), except that it would
verify the file comment/size, and would display the comment.

Something like:

DISK1    H8D    102400 05-21-04   8:30a OK (No comment)
DISK2    H8D    102427 05-21-04   8:30a OK Sample one-line comment
DISK3    H8D    102473 05-21-04   8:31a OK
  This is a sample multi-line comment that
  could be contained in a disk image.


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