[sebhc] NOGDS / board photos

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 28 16:55:18 CST 2006

>Ask and ye shall receive.  (I hope NOGDS won't mind!)

They wouldn't dare.  :-)  The HA-8-2 was based on a breadboard I built up in 
the New Orleans store they saw during a visit.  But my demo program was 
using it to draw vector graphics on an oscilloscope screen (X and Y position 
instead of left and right audio).

There's an image of that original demo breadboard in the photo section of 
the archive.  There's also photos of the CPU and memory board from "H8 
number one".  I'm hoping to get around to making up a page of descriptive 
text about that unit and the photos sometime...

-- Steven

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