[sebhc] RE: H8D files and labels

Steven Parker sp11 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 28 23:42:19 CST 2006

A few quick comments:

The "h8d" raw data format provides for very concise storage, the physical 
disk represented is easily inferred from the file size, and the header is 
easily reconstructed from the sector position.  In the case of HDOS, a 
volume number is also needed but the original one can be found on the 
"label" sector (the 10th one), or you may even prefer to recreate the disk 
with a different one to be sure it is unique in your collection.  I think 
CP/M ignores it but in any case it's always zero for CP/M.

Information about most disks is found in the documentation (HUG/Heath/etc).  
If not, it would be easy enough to place additional info in a file with the 
same name but a "txt" extension.  That actually makes more sense to me 
anyway because the data would be used by a process (simulator, disk creator) 
but the info would be read by a human.

HDOS h8d's can be listed with the command line utility "hdir" available in 
the archive, or with the same "fstool" utility that converts formats.

-- Steven

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