[sebhc] H17 system operations

dave06a at dunfield.com dave06a at dunfield.com
Thu Mar 30 11:02:49 CST 2006

All this talk of the simulator and disk images has me looking at
my H17 simulation again.

I've been working on getting the timing "real" enough that you can
INIT a disk. I have it working much more than before, however I have
run into a couple of oddities that perhaps someone can provide some
insight into:

- Note: I'm testing with HDOS 1.6 (the one from the archive)

1) If I specify a volume ID of 255, the INIT works perfectly. It completes,
    and I can mount the disk and write/read files to it.

   If I specify any other volume ID, it goes all the way to the bad sector
   entry, and when I hit RETURN to proceed, it reports "Can't read this
   disk". The disk image that is created also cannot be mounted.

2) I can't SYSGEN a disk.
    Not just the disk I INITed, I can't sysgen to the original HDOS
    disk image either.

    I would assume that SYSGEN just reads data off the source
    disk and writes to the dest disk - I know these operations work,
    as I can INIT a disk, I can boot the system disk, I can run programs,
    and I can save/old BASIC program just fine.

    It seems that SYSGEN is not accessing the disk by the standard
    read/write calls? Or is doing something else "special"?

Ring any bells?


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