[sebhc] HDOS sysgen questions (and problems)

Harten harten at injectstar.de
Sat Nov 4 13:09:43 CST 2006

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> On 10/12/06, Bob Shannon <bshannon at tiac.net> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm very new to my H89, and I need a little assistance.
> >
> >
> > Or, can someone sell me bootable CP/M on high density media???
> >
> Hi Bob,
>    I finally have a system with a working soft-sectored controller,
> send me your address, directly if you want, and I can send one to you.
>    Mark
> --

Hi Bob,
Hi Mark!

There are several Heath/Zenith users out there, who are looking for a
soft-sectored, CP/M and HDOS, medium to boot from. Me too.

Why not storing disk-images in the software archive, just like all the

Would this not be much easier like sending floppy-disks around the world.

I found a kind person from the US who was able to send me a copy of the
soft-sectored CP/M bootdisk (5.25" 48 tpi). But during its long way to
Germany the data were corrupted - the disk is useless for me!

I'm still not able to boot my Z90, but I'm able to reproduce disks from


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