[sebhc] H8 25-pin gold plated edge connectors for PCBs

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Sat Nov 4 13:37:01 CST 2006

Sorry, I can't help on the connectors, but I do think that they were a
standard Molex part.  Note, Molex has a "sample" program for engineers.
They are pretty liberal with it, I've used it to get small quantities of
connectors that I just could not find anywhere without buying large
quantities.  You can get any part that they make ... free, as long as the
quantities are small.  I think that there was a link on their web site.


Just out of curiosity, where are you located (he says, noting the
geographically small "neo.rr.com" domain)?


Barry Watzman

Watzman at neo.rr.com




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Can someone recommend a good source for replacement 25-pin edge connectors
on Heathkit H8 (Benton Harbor Buss) printed circuit boards in a gold plated


They may be equivalent to Molex KK PC Board Connectors top entry with hooks
P/N 22-18-2251 or 22-18-2253.  However they do not seem to be a common part?





jmcglone at neo.rr.com

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