[sebhc] Third Party drivers/support files

Mark Garlanger garlanger at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 15:30:43 CST 2006

Does any happen to have driver/support disks for the Magnolia
Microsystems "128K RAM Board"? It was any add-on card for the H89.
According to an ad in Remark it featured: 128K added to your 48K for
176K total, full compatibility with MMS & Zenith CP/M (64K) and HDOS
(56K), versatile bank switching supporting 3 full MP/M II compatible
banks, 112k "electric disk" for MMS CP/M and Ultimeth Corp supplies
HDOS support.

I'm guessing that the board I have is the 128K Ram board, because it
has 16 M5K4164NS -15 chips. These appear to be 64k chips based on a
quick google search.

If anyone has MMS CP/M, the 'electric disk' driver, the HDOS support,
or any versions of MP/M let me know.

Also, I know it's a huge long-shot, but does anyone have drivers for
the New Orleans General Data Services (NOGDS) HA-89-3 Color graphics
board? It provided color, sound, joystick, speech synthesis, and an
arithmetic processor to the H89. Some of these were optional add-on,
I'm not sure exactly what I have on my board, but it would be
interesting to get it working in one of my systems if someone had some
drivers.From the ad it looks like they support both HDOS and CP/M.

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