[sebhc] Third Party drivers/support files

Glenn Roberts gfroberts at adelphia.net
Sat Nov 4 18:12:34 CST 2006

i have the software for NOGDS Color Graphics board.  Mine is the H-8 
version (HA-8-3?). I think i have only HDOS hard sectored media as I 
recall, perhaps that was something you had to specify when you ordered 
it?? I think I got mine directly from Heathkit. Unfortunately my H-17 is 
running on only one disk and even that can be flaky with the 20 year old 
media i'm using.  But I'll see if i can get it running soon - it would 
be good to have the software preserved on the SEBHC site.

as for the board itself it hasn't worked in a while.  It was fully 
socketed for all the IC's. while that sounds cool (easy to replace any 
defective chips) I've always wondered if that contributed to the failure 
- so many connections to get dirty!  It's somewhere on my "to do" list 
(a long list)

On the subject of getting my H17 working again, i have a couple Tandon 
TM100-2A drives. Has anyone set up an FAQ on how to re-jumper "PC" 
(360K) style drives to replace the standard ones that shipped with the H17?

- Glenn

Mark Garlanger wrote:
> Does any happen to have driver/support disks for the Magnolia
> Microsystems "128K RAM Board"? It was any add-on card for the H89.
> According to an ad in Remark it featured: 128K added to your 48K for
> 176K total, full compatibility with MMS & Zenith CP/M (64K) and HDOS
> (56K), versatile bank switching supporting 3 full MP/M II compatible
> banks, 112k "electric disk" for MMS CP/M and Ultimeth Corp supplies
> HDOS support.
> I'm guessing that the board I have is the 128K Ram board, because it
> has 16 M5K4164NS -15 chips. These appear to be 64k chips based on a
> quick google search.
> If anyone has MMS CP/M, the 'electric disk' driver, the HDOS support,
> or any versions of MP/M let me know.
> Also, I know it's a huge long-shot, but does anyone have drivers for
> the New Orleans General Data Services (NOGDS) HA-89-3 Color graphics
> board? It provided color, sound, joystick, speech synthesis, and an
> arithmetic processor to the H89. Some of these were optional add-on,
> I'm not sure exactly what I have on my board, but it would be
> interesting to get it working in one of my systems if someone had some
> drivers.From the ad it looks like they support both HDOS and CP/M.
> Thanks,
>  Mark
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