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West, Ronald S. RONALD.S.WEST at saic.com
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	I have an idea. How about a stand-alone interface device (using
a PIC or something) that adapts an IDE hard drive to the H67 port. We
wouldn't have to change any ROM's or write any device drivers for it. It
would function as an H67 disk as far as the OS was concerned. I have
been playing with PIC devices for couple of years now for classes I have
been taking and think this would be a pretty neat project and a good
application for one of these things. 

	Only thing I don't know is what the format of the H67 disk was.
Does anyone have that information? 


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HI:   Idea  use  IDE  as only 8 bit.  This is done sending a cmd to IDE
drive. Then you can have 2  volumes by accessing  as below.

    Normal IDE sector   or block is  512 bytes SO...
1st volume  uses  bytes  0-254
2.nd volume uses bytes  255-511

bill ..
more later...

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